Q: When will my tuition bill be generated and when will I see the discount?

A: The Kansas Board of Regents will determine tuition rates for the upcoming academic year in June. After enrolling for the fall semester, your tuition bill will reflect the MSEP tuition discount when it is generated in July.

Q: What is it going to cost me to attend Wichita State on MSEP?

A: Full details can be found at wichita.edu/tuition, but we’ve outlined some points for you below.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees: $349.89 x 30 credit hours = $10,496.70

Graduate Tuition and Fees: $469.73 x 18 credit hours = $8,455.14

Student Activity Fee: $679.18 x 2 semesters = $1,358.36

College & Department Fees: vary by academic area
» Learn more about College & Department Fees

Housing rates and options: Rates range from $9,650 to $13,870 per year.
» Learn more about Wichita State housing rates

Be sure to consider any scholarships and financial aid you have received.

Please note, these costs are based on 2020-21 tuition rates and are subject to change by the Kansas Board of Regents. The above costs do not include departmental or college fees.

To learn more about charges to cover specialized costs within a specific major, please visit: wichita.edu/tuition

Q: I'm from Missouri. What is the difference between MSEP and Shocker Select? 

A: Shocker Select and MSEP both offer the same 33 percent discount on nonresident undergraduate and graduate tuition. Shocker Select does not have academic or program limitations, so if students are eligible based on residency, the Shocker Select discount will be automatically applied to their record. Missouri residents will not participate in MSEP.  Learn more about Shocker Select

Q: Can I still receive a freshmen merit scholarship if I’m eligible for MSEP?

A: Yes! As long as you meet the academic credentials, you will also receive a freshmen merit scholarship. It will be awarded at the Kansas Resident rate to reflect the discounted tuition.

» Learn about freshmen merit scholarships

Q: I believe I’m eligible for MSEP and I’ve been admitted, but I haven't received the agreement form in the mail.

A: Reach out to your representative, and we will be happy to check on your eligibility for MSEP.

Q: What happens if I want to change my major?

A: As long as you change your major to another MSEP-eligible program, you will continue to receive the tuition discount. To request a major change before starting at WSU, contact your admissions representative. After you’ve enrolled in courses, OneStop will be able to assist you in updating your major.

Q: Why is Health Science an eligible program but Health Science – Pre-Nursing & Health Science – Pre-Dental Hygiene are not?

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the tuition discount for competitive programs with limited spaces available.

Q: Can I participate if I’m interested in a pre-professional program like Pre-Med, Pre-Law or Pre-Physical Therapy?

A: Pre-professional programs like those listed above are not actual degree programs and therefore can't be eligible for the MSEP tuition discount. You will end up switching to a specific major to fulfill the professional program requirements once you arrive at WSU, so we recommend selecting the specific major when you apply for admission. We’ve included some common choices for students below:

Pre-Med: Biological Sciences, Chemistry

 Pre-Law: History, Philosophy, Political Science

 Pre-Physical Therapy: Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Health Science

Q: What if I’m undecided on a major?

A: We do have Undecided options for each academic college; however, they are not MSEP-eligible because they are not actual degree programs. To be eligible, select one of the approved majors that you’re interested in.

Q: I’m from Illinois or Missouri. How do I know if I qualify for Shocker City, Shocker Select or MSEP?

A: Students of any major from Missouri automatically qualify for reduced tuition through Shocker Select.

Students of any major from the Kansas City, St. Joseph and St. Louis (MO & IL) metropolitan areas qualify for in-state tuition through Shocker City.

Students not eligible for Shocker Select or Shocker City are eligible for MSEP discounted tuition if they meet the program's criteria

Q: Can I continue receiving the MSEP tuition discount in a WSU graduate program after completing my undergraduate degree? 

A: If the graduate program you are interested in is MSEP-eligible, yes! Please contact the Office of the Registrar to complete a new agreement form in order to have the tuition discount applied to your record. 

Q: I'm a current WSU student not currently in MSEP. Am I eligible to apply for MSEP?

A: No. Only new, incoming students entering their first semester at WSU are eligible for the program. 

Q: What is MSEP?

A: The Midwest Student Exchange Program was established by the Midwestern Higher Education Compact to increase interstate educational opportunities for students in its member states across the midwest.