Online screenings

Are you wondering if you or a friend might be drinking too much? Are you concerned about how someone may be coping with stress, acting toward others, or managing food? Take one of our online self-assessment screenings to learn more about what might be happening and what you can do about it.

NOTE: These screenings are not a substitute for face-to-face treatment and professional referral. If you feel that you need to see someone, you can make an appointment with us at (316) 978-3440. The first appointment is free.

Social media

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Video Series

The Counseling and Testing Center has created several video series to help our students with everyday stressors and mental health symptoms. These video series are made to help you learn about resources and coping skills and cover topics including:

To view all of our videos, please check out the Counseling and Testing Center YouTube page!

Community Resources

The Counseling and Testing Center has compiled some lists of resources fo students to pursue in the community on a variety of subjects:

Mental Health-Friendly Apps and Websites

Here are some phone apps that are either enitrely free or have free content to help with your mental health:

  • Hear and Now: Focuses on your breathing. Surrounding you with the sounds of a peaceful, natural environment, Hear and Now takes your heartrate and gives you real-time feedback. Available for Apple devices.
  • Headspace: A mindfulness app developed by British meditation expert Andy Puddicombe. This free demo includes the first ten sessions and interactive elements. Available on desktop, Android and Apple devices.
  • Calm: While there are many paid options, Calm offers dozens of recorded mindfulness exercises for you to follow along for free. These include breathing exercises, meditation, sleep aids, and several calming, peaceful themes. Available for Android and Apple devices.
  • Stop, Breathe & Think: An award-winning app offering short mental health exercises picked just for you. Stop, Breathe & Think focuses on making a safe space in just a few minutes. Available for desktop, Android and Apple devices.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation on Campus:
  • The Mind/Body Connection for Students: