Granting Student Record Access to Others

(Online FERPA Release to a Proxy)

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents do not have access to their student's collegiate educational record unless the student provides consent. In an effort to meet the needs of WSU students and parents, and to encourage students to safeguard their myWSU username and password, the Office of the Registrar is pleased to announce that students no longer need to fill out a paper form in order to provide such consent. Authorization by the student is now available entirely online.

Students wanting to release non-directory information to parents, employers, or other specified individuals, referred to as proxies, may do so online by logging into the secure myWSU portal at:

Upon entering their myWSU ID and password, students can choose to authorize different levels of view access to one or multiple third-party individuals (proxies). Options include view access to their unofficial academic transcript (including grades), schedule of classes, financial aid account information, and more. The student can also authorize WSU to discuss these items with the proxy. The student is in control of who has access, what they can see, what they can discuss with WSU, and for how long they have this access.

Once the setup is complete, the proxy will then receive email instructions on how to access a separate, secure online portal. This portal requires a log in to view the information pages to which the student has granted them access. Once the setup is complete, the parent or other defined proxy will be able to view, but not change, the information on the authorized pages.

Student Instructions: How to Set Up a Proxy

Proxy Instructions:
How to Access Authorized Student Information

Log into WSU's Proxy Access System