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Starting a college career can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Wichita State University offers a number of resources to help students make a successful transition to life as a Shocker. We are here to help your student transition academically and socially to campus by connecting them with the people, services, and support they need to get them to graduation and beyond.

Use this site as a tool to stay informed about campus news and events, deadlines, and resources to encourage your student's academic success and well-being.

We are here to encourage your student's well-being and academic success while at Wichita State. If you ever need to reach us, please call 316-978-3149 or email shocker.family@wichita.edu.


This September

Getting Settled

Your student has started settling into their new college routine. They've had time to get a feel for how their instructors teach and have reviewed the syllabus from each of their courses. They've also started to figure out what kind of activities they want to get involved in. Your student might also be feeling a little overwhelmed as their first exams will usually be around the fourth week of the semester. Remember this is a time your student needs to work through independently, with a little support from home. Encourage your student to start asking for help when they need it so that they have enough time to benefit from the assistance they will receive. Many times, if a student waits to ask for help, it’s already too late.

How Can Families Help?

  • Encourage your student to ask their instructors for assistance if they need it. Tips on talking to instructors can be found online at wichita.edu/success. Students can also visit wichita.edu/tutoring to find academic support resources and sign up for free tutoring.
  • Test anxiety is common at this point of the semester. If your student would benefit from tips on exam preparation, have them contact the Office of Student Success at (316) 978-3209 or by emailing student.success@wichita.edu.
  • If your student is considering dropping a course, encourage them to speak with an academic advisor. As students start making changes to their schedule, they need to keep in mind course sequencing for their major, refund rates and financial aid implications. An academic advisor can help them make the right choice.
  • Communicate with your student about how often you expect them to check in with you, and keep an open mind as to why your student may want to change the frequency of communication.

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