To file a report of misconduct involving the Student Code of Conduct, Housing and Residence Life Handbook, Academic Integrity, Discrimination, Title IX, etc., or to submit a corncern to the Care Team or the Student Advocate, please click the "FILE A REPORT" button below.


Additionally, if you are wanting to file an appeal regarding a conduct or academic integrity case outcome, please click the "CONDUCT APPEAL" or "ACADEMIC INTEGRITY APPEAL" buttons below.


If you are unsure if the behavior is a violation or how to categorize it, please fee free to contact the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards at (316) 978-6681 to discuss the best options.




The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS) at Wichita State University supports and enhances the personal, ethical, and intellectual growth of all students to become responsible, aware, and engaged citizens.


  1. Accountability - SCCS encourages students to make responsible decisions in their personal and educational endeavors. When mistakes are made, students will utilize critical thinking skills and self-reflection as part of holding themselves accountable for their decisions.
  2. Community - SCCS understands that students are more than just someone who potentially violated a policy. We collaborate with campus and community resources and services to meet students where they are, address student concerns and future needs, and take a student's whole experience into account.
  3. Equity - SCCS intentionally values, understands, and centers students in the conduct process to create a fundamentally fair process.
  4. Growth - SCCS creates intentional opportunities to enhance personal and professional development for all individuals who interact with our office.
  5. Integrity - SCCS is committed to promoting honesty and honorable actions by all individuals, specifically through exemplifying them in the conduct process.
  6. Respect - SCCS supports students showing positive regard for each other and for their larger communities.  Additionally, we are committed to interacting with each student with the utmost respect.

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