General Education

The General Education Program is an integral component of every degree at Wichita State University. These courses make up about one third of any degree. The goals of the General Education program are:

  • To study and apply mathematical principles;
  • To study and apply principles of written and oral communication;
  • To study and apply basic library research skills including basic assessment of various kinds of sources;
  • To study the natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, humanities and fine arts in order to understand how scholars in those fields work;
  • To study human diversity and its implications for society on a global basis.

Successful completion of the General Education Program and LAS College requirements provides knowledge and skills leading to life-long learning in an ever-changing global world.

Descriptions of the General Education Program and of the courses that are included in it are available both in the University Catalog and in the Schedule of Courses. These documents are available both in hard copy form and online at the WSU Web site: Click on “Browse A-Z” and use C for the Catalog and S for the Schedule of Courses menu option, and then select “General Education.”

When you enter the university, you will work with an academic advisor to select general education courses for your major and your degree choice.

For More Information

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