Financial Support

The Department of Public Health Sciences (PHS) has several scholarships available. Newly accepted and current students are eligible to apply.

Application Guidelines:

Students can view application guidelines for each fellowship from the WSU Foundation's Fellowship Guidelines Index website. To find fellowships, select "Health Professions" in the Filter dropdown list, then click the Filter button. Then scroll through list to locate each fellowship, checkbox to display and view guideline page.

Aging Studies

Bernice K. Link Endowed Scholarship/Fellowships in Gerontology

Charles W. & Margaret D. Mullikin Fellowships in Gerontology


Public Health Sciences

Preferred Health Systems Scholarship in Public Health Sciences


To Apply:

The following scholarship applications are due April 1st and must be submitted to the Department of Public Health Sciences, Ahlberg Hall Room 325.

  1. Review specific application guidelines below.
  2. Complete Departmental Scholarship/Fellowship Application.
  3. Submit completed form to the PHS mailing address. Be sure to include additional attachments if required.

Department of Public Health Science Scholarships/Fellowships Contributors

The following scholarships exist for the Department of Public Health Sciences students at Wichita State University. Further details about each fellowship and histories of the men and women behind WSU's endowed funds are made available by the WSU Foundation Spirit of the Gift website.

Other Resources

General information about financial aid for graduate students may be obtained through the
Wichita State University Office of Financial Aid website.

Grants and Awards from WSU

A listing of fellowship grants and awards available at WSU is available at the Graduate School Awards Web page.