Benefits of Standardization

Standardization is a cost-effective decision for the campus. These standards will assist the institution in allowing us to negotiate volume purchases. Vendors associated with this standard can provide technical roadmaps for their products, allowing the technical teams to make informed decisions regarding future purchases. This assists decision- makers with establishing a long-term replacement policy.

Through standardization, Wichita State University can control warranty and recall issues, and reduce network and application compatibility issues. Vendor-supplied training and certifications can accelerate knowledge of the products as well as best practices regarding diagnostic and repair solutions. Support costs and downtimes are significantly reduced in that the technical teams do not require training for multiple products and these support areas are spared the need to overstock inventory for various vendors.


All computers, devices, and printers purchased by departments must be approved through Information Technology Services and Purchasing and adhere to University’s procurement criteria. Computer purchases made outside of these polices and standards, without proper approval, risk rejection of payment or reimbursement.

Wichita State University has standardized on Apple Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft. All computer purchases must be through the State of Kansas approved State Contract vendors and conform to the standard set by Information Technology Services.


Exceptions are allowed for research/statistical/analytical analysis. These exceptions require:

  • An explanation of a specific model or alternative from any of the qualified supplier(s) and/or standard models
  • Approval of Information Technology Services and Purchasing
  • Purchased through State Contract
  • For more information on how to submit the request, click on Technology Purchase Exception Process
Other Devices

Tablets or any other computer devices still require the approval of Information Technology Services and Purchasing.


Every effort should be made to avoid using desktop or local attached printers. Smaller printers have a much higher cost per page. Instead, departments should utilize shared, network office printers. Wichita State University has standardized on Hewlett-Packard printers. All WSU Standardized models are acceptable for use. This standard does not include the large multifunction copier/printers as they are dictated by contract through the Office of Purchasing.


All devices and equipment purchased or reimbursed with university funds are property of the University until disposed of through the procedure noted in the Policies and Procedures instructions.


Due to State Legislative Post Audit standards, ITS is responsible on inventory of any electronic university owned devices that store data (Computers, tablets, printers)