Wichita State University Wireless Network

WSU has two wireless networks to provide the strongest possible Internet security for students, faculty, and staff, and convenient access for campus guests, without requiring a manual registration. These networks are:

  • WSU Secure -- wireless for all students, faculty, and staff, protected by WPA2 security and your myWSU ID
  • WSU Guest -- completely open, short-term, limited access for campus guests

To use the secure wireless, delete any configuration you may have for wushock (the old campus wireless) or WSU Guest. Click on WSU Secure in your list of wireless networks, login with your myWSU ID and password, and (the first time only) accept the encryption security certificate if prompted.

For a detailed list of improvements offered by the new wireless system, please see the Benefits link on the left.

Be sure to remove WSU Guest if you have it configured

If you're a student, faculty member, or staff, having WSU Guest configured on your laptop or mobile device can interfere with connecting reliably to WSU Secure. For more information on what can go wrong and instructions on removing WSU Guest from your configuration, please see the Secure vs Guest link on the left.


The WSU Secure wireless network became available throughout all of campus during the summer of 2011. The old wushock wireless network was completely removed from campus in the beginning of spring semester, 2012-13.


For assistance with wireless setup and configuration:

Residence hall students, please see your front desk.
Any students, please visit the Shocker Technical Assistance Center in Ablah Library.
Faculty and staff, please contact your department's technical support.