Vehicle Reservation Form

To reserve a university vehicle please submit your request below. Our rental fleet consists of one 12 passenger van, two 15 passenger vans, one minivan, and one Ford Explorer. Vehicles rent for $45 per day with unlimited mileage. Facilities Services will maintain an authorized driver list. In order to be an authorized driver you must have a valid driver’s license and complete van driver training. Please see /about/policy/ch_20/ch20_19.php for WSU Driving State Vehicles Policies and Procedures.

Vehicles must be picked up by the authorized driver(s), who will have to present their driver’s license. Vehicles can be picked up at Facilities Services between 8:30 and 3:00, Monday through Friday. Vehicles can be returned after hours to the small parking lot adjacent to the west side of the Gaddis Physical Plant building, just east of the water tower. The parking lot between the EEB and the Gaddis Physical Plant building can be used if the aforementioned lot is full. Keys can be dropped in a key box that will be located at the west entrance of the Gaddis Physical Plant building.

When picked up, vehicles will have a full tank of gas. It is the responsibility of the renting department to ensure vehicles are returned with a full tank of gas and no trash in the vehicle. For those times the vehicles are returned with less than a full tank of gas, the renting department will be charged the cost of filling the tank. There will also be a charge if the interior of the vehicle requires significant cleaning.

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