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Safety ‘starter kits’ to be supplied to offices for May 26 phased opening

Upon receipt of a work order request, Facilities Services will deliver a COVID-19 safety Starter Kit.. These starter kits are intended to help staff returning to campus on May 26 get through the first week or two. Priority delivery will be given to areas that have remained open during the campus shutdown and areas opening for in-person access May 26. At a minimum, starter kits will include the following: cloth face coverings/disposable surgical masks, hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant in spray bottles, paper towels, blue painter’s tape and a limited number of non-latex gloves. Cloth face coverings are limited to one per WSU employee.

After the May 26 reopening of campus, we anticipate staffing for the summer will become more clear. Upon receipt of a work order request, we can quickly supplement the starter kits with items that are essential for daily operations. Please limit additional orders to quantities that correlate with the number of staff actually working on campus. In addition, when staff arrive on campus May 26th, if their department has not received a starter kit, they can stop by the Gaddis Physical Plant building and they will be provided a starter kit.

Facilities Services will continue to build and install plexiglass shields upon receipt of work order requests. To date, we have installed more than 200 plexiglass shields on campus. These shields should be utilized for high-traffic campus areas providing customer service or other activities with frequent and regular access by the campus community and visitors.

As a reminder, Facilities Services has built inventories that will allow us to provide the following items to our WSU campus community, as needed:

  • Plexiglass shields (for desks, counters, etc.)
  • Cloth masks
  • Disposable masks
  • Hand sanitizer (in spray bottles)
  • Surface disinfectant (in spray bottles)
  • Non-latex gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Safety glasses
  •  Blue painters tape (This is for floor markings and to hang signs with. Please don’t use other types of tape. A unified plan to provide sign templates to campus will be communicated soon.)

A work order is a request to have Facilities Services perform maintenance work for your department.
Call 3444 and tell the operator that you would like to turn in a work order, or, use our Internet Work Order Form below. When you call, the operator will ask your name, building, room number, and the nature of the job.

** Please do not use the Internet Form to turn in emergency work orders**

Please fill in all the fields in the form below. Scroll to the bottom of the form and press the yellow button with the arrow to submit. You should see a page thanking you for taking our survey - this indicates the form was submitted successfully.

You should receive a confirmation email from Facilities Services within 24 hours containing a work order number. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please call 3444.


 *Please note* 

In support of campus sustainability efforts, temperature range standards are being implemented across campus. If your work order request involves issues with building temperatures, please see campus policy 11.27 regarding current heating and cooling standards.


If you have difficulty viewing this form in the page, you can visit the form page directly.
**Please do not use the Internet Form to turn in emergency work orders**