Shocker Employee & Dependent Scholarship

The Shocker Employee and Dependent Scholarship fund has been established with contributions to the Wichita State University Foundation. These contributions and all subsequent additions to the fund shall be administered in accordance with the Donor’s instructions as set forth in these Guidelines for Administration and the policies and procedures approved and adopted by the Board of Directors of the Wichita State University Foundation.

This scholarship was established in 2010 by the Classified Senate (now known as the University Support Staff Senate) at Wichita State University.

All scholarship support distributed from this fund will be applied to the purpose described below excepting any unforeseen future circumstances which result in a determination by the Foundation Board of Directors that the original purpose no longer best serves the interests of Wichita State University. Every effort will be made by the Foundation to contact the Donor or his/her designated representative(s) before any changes are made to these guidelines.

  1. Scholarship(s) will be awarded in one lump sum amount or two equal payments payable at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters to a student(s) enrolled full- or part-time at Wichita State University. Awards will be given to one or more students.
  2. No recipient will be excluded from consideration based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, status as a veteran or disability.
  3. Scholarship(s) will be awarded to a full- or part-time, benefits eligible employee(s) of Wichita State University, or their dependent (spouse and dependent children only).
  4. Award(s) will be made without regard to financial need.
  5. The Scholarship Office, a department within the Division of Academic Affairs of Wichita State University, will administer the scholarship and make the award based on recommendations submitted by the University Support Staff (USS) Senate Shocker Scholarship Committee.
  6. The scholarship(s) is not automatically renewed. Students must complete a scholarship application each year to be considered.