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USS Senate

This senate body at Wichita State University exists to promote the interests of all University Support Staff employees of the University, to provide an open forum for the expression of these interests, and to regularize the exchange of information between administrators, faculty, students and University Support Staff of the University.

Senate Constitution and By-Laws


Important Information & Updates

USS and UP Staff Open Forum

The senates have been discussing joining forces to form one representative body with both UP and USS members.  On April 1 2019, the USS and UP Senates invited all USS and UP staff to attend an Open Forum Discussion to gather feedback on combining the USS and UP Senates.

Note: The discussion of joining forces for one representative body relates to senate representation only and has no effect on employee position classifications as UP or USS or their related personnel policies or procedures.

For more information, please contact USS Senate President Matt Houston (matthew.houston@wichita.edu) or UP Senate President Camille Childers (camille.childers@wichita.edu).

The following notes and responses reflect the discussions and input that staff shared on this important topic.


What do you see as the purpose of the employee (USS and UP) senates?

Please list any concerns you have about combining the USS and UP senates.

Please write down what you see as advantages for combining USS and UP senates.

Are there any additional considerations we need to undertake if the senates combine?

Additional Feedback Form: Click Here