Advisor Resources

We want our advisors to be prepared to help their chapter in whatever way they can!  Check out these common resources and common questions we get.

When can we expect the grade report?

Chapter rosters must be up-to-date with Student Involvement by April 15th (Spring semester) and November 15th (Fall semester).  Rosters will be sent to chapter president's monthly from the Greek Life email address.  Once the roster is processed, we are able to pull grades as soon as the university processes them.  This process typically will take up to one week after final exams are over.  Fall grade reports are typically sent out in January.  Spring grade reports are typically sent out in June.

When are chapters charged council and FSL dues?

After rosters are processed on either April 15th (Spring semester) or November 15th (Fall semester).

What trainings are offered for advisors?

We hold President & Advisor Training each semester.  We also host Advisor meetings the third Thursday of each month during the semester.

Where can I find Fraternity and Sorority Life policies?

Fraternity and Sorority Life policies are linked through the Student Involvement page but you can also download them here.

What if I have a member that is exhibiting unusual behavior?

We encourage you to use your best intuition.  As a student, there are are resources available to all students at Wichita State who need help.  If you believe your student is in need of help, please fill out a CARE report and let our trained CARE team offer their help.