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Tips for Roommates

Having a positive relationship with your roommate depends on each of you trying to make an honest attempt to get know the other. When students are placed in a residence hall they must prepare for this new experience with an open mind and an appreciation for those differences that exist in each person’s background.

The Roommate Agreement and Roommate Contract are designed to assist you (and your roommate) in practicing the important communication skills of careful listening, open and honest feedback, and reaching a mutually agreed upon living arrangement. Complete an agreement at the beginning of the year to set expectations for each other and the space you will share.

If you ever have concerns about your roommate, start by talking with your RA. If your concerns revolve around your roommate's behavior and wellbeing, other helpful resources include using the University's Reporting Behavior Concerns Guide or Student Concern Resolution Guide.

Room Change Information

Adjusting to living with another person is never easy. Your experience with your roommate will be beneficial as you learn important communication skills that will help you later in life. Make an effort to work out potential problems with your roommate. If you would like to make a room change, first meet with your Resident Assistant to discuss your situation.

If a solution cannot be reached, at that time you may make an appointment with your Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) or Assistant Residence Life Coordinator (ARLC) to discuss the room change process. Changes in room assignments should be discussed with the RA and RLC or ARLC before submitting a room change form online.

There is a room change freeze during the first and last two weeks of each semester. If you would like to request a room change, please CLICK HERE.

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