The Housing and Residence Life office is physically located in Shocker Hall at 2020 N Perimeter Road, Wichita, KS 67208. The main office is open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. As of this fall, Housing and Residence Life operates three unique residence hall communities - The Flats, The Suites, and Shocker Hall. Each residence hall has an information desk to help serve students. During the academic year, The Suites and Shocker Hall desks are open 8am to 11pm daily,  and The Flats desk is open 9am to 9pm Monday through Friday and 10am to 9pm Saturday and Sunday.

Our Mission Statement

Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing a positive student experience by creating a safe and inclusive community that promotes personal and academic success.

Our Core Values

o Ensure each student has a connection at WSU
o Encourage applied learning
o Create holistic learners
o Foster a safe and inclusive community
o Celebrate the diversity of our students and staff
o Listen and work to understand and respect others’ points of view
o Develop partnerships across campus
o Commit to effective and transparent communication
o Prioritize team ahead of personal success
o Offer assistance or request help when needed
o Provide superior customer service
o Create efficient and innovative departmental solutions
o Cultivate opportunities to grow and develop
o Follow through on promises made
o Be fair and honest
o Make fiscally responsible choices
o Establish sustainable practices

Learning Outcomes

Learn more about our Residential Curriculum and Learning Outcomes.

WSU Non-Discrimination Policy

Wichita State University and Housing and Residence Life do not discriminate in their programs and activities on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, status as a veteran, genetic information or disability.

HRL Annual Report

Housing and Residence Life is proud of the work we do to give students the best housing experience possible. To learn more about the work accomplished during the 2017-18 Academic Year, please view our Annual Report.

Housing and Residence Life Staff Directory


Scott Jensen serves as the Associate Dean of Students, which includes overseeing Housing and Residence Life and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. Phone: (316) 978-3693 Email

Residence Life

Brandon Kelser- Associate Director for Residence Life (316) 978-6610 Email

Becca Johnson- Residence Life Coordinator for The Flats (316) 978-7749 Email

Lauren Wilson-  Residence Life Coordinator for Shocker Hall (316) 978-5999 Email

Carlos Cortés- Residence Life Coordinator for Shocker Hall (316) 978-6720 Email

Carley Enyart- Residence Life Coordinator for The Suites (316) 978-3391 Email

Osama Syed- Graduate Residence Life Coordinator (316) 978-6616 Email

Elle Saunders- Administrative Support / Desk Manager (316) 978-6787 Email

Business Operations

Mandie Craven- Associate Director for Business Operations (316) 978-3692 Email

Jenny Beyer- Assignments Coordinator (316) 978-6734 Email

Tracy Sherard- Accountant & Human Resources Specialists (978) 978-3131 Email

Ali Babb- Shocker Hall Administrative Support (316) 978-3380 Email

Kaleb Basham- Coordinator for Housing Software Systems (316) 978-5822 Email

Katie Austin- Assistant Director for Marketing and Outreach (316) 978-3467 Email


Daryl Gobin- Assistant Director for Facilities (316) 978-6222 Email

Jose Alonso- Custodial Supervisor (316) 978-6245 Email

Shocker Hall Student Staff

 Resident Assistant Name                                                                                                                                                                                       Floor Assignment

JJ Gonzalez


Linda Harl


Aaron Collier


Carson Reimer


Bailey Barber


Rhiannon Vieyra


Megan Secrest


Zach Hendrich


Victoria Crooks


Cameron Black


Mariah Snow


Geordan Shaffer


Star Billingsley


Molly Wright


Ashlynn Clark


Cameron Morgan


Elena Ewing


Noah Foster


Ben Reiling


The Suites Student Staff
Lorraine Lowrey 1st Floor
Kiah Nesbitt 2nd Floor
Zacc Heyward 2nd Floor
Rhiley Wall 3rd Floor
Sam Eckels 3rd Floor
Morgen Ulrich 4th Floor
The Flats Student Staff

Liz Anderson

1st Floor

Gaitan Lleshi

1st Floor

Jonas Zabriskie

2nd Floor

Wambi Moenga

2nd Floor

England Smith

 3rd Floor

Brett Herrman

3rd Floor

Latitia Murdock

 4th Floor

Tyler Bryant

4th Floor

Community Development Specialists

Micah Crayton

Katherine Donaghue

Janine Shinn

Ariel Langenberger

Dustin Ramsey

Skylar Russell