Degree Planning

The MBA program requirements range from 36 to 51 hours, depending on the candidate's undergraduate background. Under most circumstances, a student with an undergraduate degree in business will be required to complete 36 hours of MBA coursework. Students without an undergraduate degree in business can expect to complete up to 51 hours to receive their MBA degree.

An individual program outline will be developed for each student admitted into the MBA program.

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Note: The prerequisite courses should be taken at the undergraduate level if equivalent courses in statistics or calculus have not been completed already.

  • MATH 144 - Business Calculus*
  • ECON 231 - Statistics*

* Subject to waiver

Preparatory courses

Note: The preparatory courses are intended to provide a foundation of business knowledge prior to beginning the MBA courses. Having taken undergraduate versions of these courses usually results in a waiver of these courses. For students who have not had undergraduate business classes, these 1.5 credit hour versions will help prepare you for graduate study in business.

  • MBA 802 - Fundamentals of Accounting* (Undergraduate equivalencies: Accounting 210 / Financial Accounting and Accounting 220 / Managerial Accounting) 1.5 credit hours
  • MBA 803 - Fundamentals of Finance* (Undergraduate equivalent: Finance 340 / Financial Management I) 1.5 credit hours
  • MBA 804 - Marketing Basics* (Undergraduate equivalent: Marketing 300 / Intro to Marketing) 1.5 credit hours
  • MBA 805 - Management Basics* (Undergraduate equivalent: Management 360 / Principles of Management) 1.5 credit hours
  • ECON 811- Analysis of Macro-Economic Theory*(Undergraduate equivalencies: Economics 201 / Principles of Macroeconomics) 1.5 credit hours
  • ECON 812- Analysis of Micro-Economics Theory* (Undergraduate equivalencies: Economics 202 / Principles of Microeconomics) 1.5 credit hours

*Subject to waiver if appropriate equivalencies have been met

Required courses

  • MGMT/MKT 803 - Decision Making Analysis (should be taken in the first year)
  • ACCT 801 - Managerial Accounting
  • BLAW 810 - Law and Ethics for Business
  • FIN 850 - Managerial Finance
  • MGMT 862 - Organizational Behavior
  • MKT 801 - Marketing Management
  • MGMT 885/MGMT 885G - Advanced Strategic Management (must be taken in the last year)

Students may choose to complete a concentration in one of seven areas (finance, entrepreneurship & innovation, health care administration, business analytics & information management, marketing,human resource management,supply chain management ) or choose a general MBA track which includes the above mentioned courses and the following:

General MBA track (no concentration) includes:

  • ECON 804 - Managerial Economics (should be taken within the first year)
  • DS 850 - Operations Management
  • IB 836 - International Business and Competitiveness
  • MIS 874 - Management Information Systems
  • 700 or 800-level elective - Must be pre-approved. Can be taken inside or outside of the School of Business

MBA 360 Professional Development Program
MBA 360 program requires self and peer assessments on competencies of interest. The program uses the Qualtrics 360 platform that allows the student and the selected peers to complete an evaluation of the student on various business competencies (leadership, interpersonal, problem solving & analytical, communication, business acumen, and strategic thinking). After completion of the self and peer evaluations, the platform generates an assessment report on the competencies that is shared with the students. Students then develop a professional development plan based upon their report findings.