Deadline to Apply: January 31, 2020!

Submit for Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol

The Kansas Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol event is an annual opportunity for students to present their research experiences with state lawmakers in Topeka. The event will be held on March 4, 2020.
The event showcases the work of up to 40 Kansas undergraduate student projects representing each of the state’s eight public 4-year institutions. The purpose of this event is to demonstrate the unique opportunities undergraduate students have to participate with faculty members in research at all state institutions. This event emphasizes higher education’s role in developing educated citizens and preparing a workforce with the necessary skills to further the economic growth of the state.

Undergraduate students who have been significantly involved in the research enterprise of the university either with their own project or through meaningful involvement with a faculty project are desired as participants. To qualify for this event, participants must:

  • be undergraduates during the academic year in which the event is held;
  • have completed research under the guidance of a Kansas 4-year public institution faculty mentor;
  • follow the methodology of the appropriate academic discipline;
  • be of sufficient quality to be presented at a professional academic meeting;
  • have the skills, resources, and capacity to produce a professional academic poster;
  • agree to undergo presentation training and rehearse their presentations prior to the Capitol event.

Participants should be able to convey their experience and enthusiasm to state representatives, senators, and other state officials in a poster session. Projects from a broad range of disciplines are encouraged - especially posters that relate to the state of Kansas and issues important to the state legislature (e.g. education, health, agriculture, aviation, biotechnology, energy, transportation, manufacturing, environment, and social services). Up to 5 projects will be selected from each institution, with no more than ten students participating overall. Institutions are encouraged to select participants based in part upon geographical distribution across the state.

Each institution will screen and select participants in a manner of their choice. This event will not be an adjudicated poster competition with prizes. All participants are recognized equally for the honor of participating in this event through a certificate ceremony.