Here is a short list of helpful questions and answers as you start to explore Esports here at Wichita State University. 

What is Esports?

Global Esports revenues will reach $906 million in 2018, a year-on-year growth of +38.2%. North America will account for $345 million of the total revenue along with brands willing to invest $694 million in the Esports industry, 77% of the total market. This will grow to $1.4 billion by 2021, representing 84% of total Esports revenues.


What is the current scale of the Esports industry?

Wichita State currently has four competitive varsity gaming teams: Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter Strike, and Rocket League. The varsity teams competes against fellow NACE, TESPACollegiate Star League, AVGL, uLOL, and a large number of other tournament providers. Students are required to tryout for a spot on the varsity team. 


Why invest in collegiate Esports?

Currently, Wichita State hosts a large number of student members all interested in competing at the varsity level. There are hundreds of institution competing through TESPA, NACE, CSL, and many other leagues in the name of Collegiate Esports.


What is the difference between the Shocker Gaming Club and Wichita State Esports?

The Shocker Gaming Club houses all students interested in gaming and provides opportunities for students to compete. Students must go through a tryout process and reach a certain skill level before being considered for WSU Varsity Esports, just like any traditional sport.


What gaming titles does WSU Esports currently offer?

In the status quo, we offer Overwatch, League of Legends, CS:GO, and Rocket League at the varsity level but plan to expand into more titles in the upcoming semesters. Students have the ability to compete in most gaming titles through the Shocker Gaming Club. 


How can I be involved with WSU Esports even if I don’t make the Varsity Roster?

We are going to be offering students applied learning opportunities through WSU TV in the form of casting live competition, photo and video editing, statistics, coaching, and other forms of openings to work with the teams.


Where does Wichita State Esports compete?

WSU Esports plays almost all competitions remotely through our gaming setups in the Heskett Center in room 109 but are looking to compete at LAN's throughout the semester. 


What does competition normally look like?

Students have a schedule that they are expected to adhere to. They are expected to practice two times a week along with competing against other schools via the internet multiple times a week depending on the tournament schedule.


Does Wichita State Esports offer Scholarships?

We are currently working on developing the scholarship infrastructure. The tournaments that we actively play in offer the opportunity to win scholarship money depending on placing.