Release 9.0 for Windows 95

WSU has purchased a 500-user site license for SPSS for Windows, including Base, Professional Statistics and Advanced Statistics.

To help recover costs associated with the maintenance and distribution of SPSS under this license agreement the following charges will apply:

1. SPSS installed by UCATS staff

1A. Additional copies installed by UCATS at same time and location

$25.00 per copy

$12.00 per copy

2. One copy supplied on CD rom, user installed. $20.00 per copy
3. User installed copy. No CD or services. (Multiple installations from CD above.) $10.00 per copy
4. Renewal only $7.00 per copy
5. CD only (To Upgrade Unexpired Licenses to V9.0) $10.00 per copy

The license runs through June 1, with annual renewals. The software will cease to function after one year if the renewal is not applied. The renewal cost will be $7.00 per installed copy. A CD with Release 9.0 for Windows 95 may be purchased for $10.00 to be used for upgrading renewed licenses. One CD can be used for multiple licenses.

Terms of the license require that WSU maintain records of who is responsible for each copy of the software and where each copy is located. Some specific terms of the license: "LICENSEE shall warn and advise each user that receives a copy of the SOFTWARE that

  1. the user is not permitted to copy the SOFTWARE
  2. the software can not be transferred except as permitted herein and
  3. LICENSEE must at all times have positive knowledge of the precise location of each copy of the SOFTWARE"

To help comply with the license agreement University Computing will require a representative to sign for the copy or copies that will be installed at their location or department.

Click here to view and then print an on-line version of the SPSS Distribution Record, or stop by Room 119 Jabara Hall to pick one up. Completed forms should be returned to Room 119 Jabara Hall.