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Data Systems

The University community has three managed data systems from which to obtain information related to
data for decision-making, planning and reporting. Depending on the type of information needed, these
data systems are the Business Intelligence and Predictive Modeling (BIPM), University Assessment Data
(UAD) and External Reporting Data (ERD).

WSU Managed Data Systems



Lee Ann Birdwell

Lee Ann Birdwell is the Faculty Records Archivist and Faculty Senate Liaison for the Office of Planning & Analysis and the Office of Academic Affairs.  Lee Ann can be contacted at:


picture of assistant director

Tiffany Franks is the Assistant Director and Senior Research Analyst for the Office of Planning & Analysis, and manages the OPA website, responds to internal data requests and assists in creating reports and providing data analysis. Tiffany can be contacted at:


picture of senior analyst

David Smith is the Senior Research Analyst for the Office of Planning & Analysis, and he provides the majority of institutional data to the Kansas Board of Regents and the Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data System (IPEDS). David Smith can be contacted at:


picture of Chief Data Officer

Dr. David Wright is the University's Chief Data Officer, and oversees the Office of Planning & Analysis, academic data systems, the Business Intelligence and Predictive Modeling system, data warehousing and university reporting. Dr. Wright can be contacted at:


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"Increasing Information Efficiency at Lower-Cost:Single Versus Multiple Product Approach to Information Retrieval". This was presented at the 2011 Educause Annual Conference. The presentation describes the process of how BIPM data are created and managed, and how analysts extract information to perform evidence-based decision-making using SPSS enterprise products.

BIPM Educause Presentation

"Using Evidence-Based Practices to Improve Operations: A Case Study in Admissions". This was presented at the 2012 WSU Assessment Symposium. The presentation describes how undergraduate admissions at WSU utilizes the BIPM/SPSS data system to improve efficiencies in recruitment, operations and cost.

BIPM Admissions Presentation

An Assessment Symposium is held every fall at WSU; the topic for fall 2012 was the Student Exit Surveys and how the data from the surveys is being used by colleges and departments.

Fall 2012 Assessment Symposium Presentation (Student Exit Surveys)

Fall 2013 Assessment Symposium Presentation (National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 2013 Results)