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Public Policy and Management Center

The Public Policy and Management Center (PPMC) at Wichita State University advances public good by strengthening people, organizations and communities. The PPMC provides expertise and support in the following areas:





Thriving into resilience with incremental habit change
Like many of you have experienced, the current pandemic has created down time in my schedule that I have not had in years, which has given me an opportunity to reflect on an almost 25-year career in public service and think about the next 15.
When WSU’s PPMC asked me to facilitate a session, and then when COVID hit, to write about “Working with Incompetent People,” I laughed out loud. What did that say about me? My business partner and I are blessed to work alongside very smart people including the PPMC team. Yet, wherever you are in your career, each of us can likely recall at least one experience and its accompanying feelings.
Join us on our journey of expanding our understanding of racism, equity and inclusion.