Meet the SI Leaders

SI Leaders are prepared to share with students how to effectively study for the course. They attend the same class every day, taking notes and listening closely to the professor. At each session, the SI Leader will guide the students through the course concepts and share the strategies he or she used to be successful in the course. SI Leaders will not re-lecture, give out copies of his or her notes, help students with assigned homework, or encourage last minute test cramming. The SI coordinating team trains them in how to be effective facilitators and receive ongoing supervision.

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 Student SI Coordinator

Liz McGettrick staff pictureLiz McGettrick, SI Coordinator
Liz is a Secondary Math Education major and is passionate about new ways to reach math and finding innovation methods of classroom management. She enjoys walking her corgi pup, Corkie, around campus. Liz was previously a Calc 1 and 2 SI Leader and is excited to be the SI Coordinator for the program.


 Senior SI Leaders

Abi S staff photoAbi Saenger
Abi is a nursing major. Abi also has a dog, and they enjoy going on bike rides.
Brett SI PictureBrett Fearer, (HIST 132)
Brett is studying history because he wants to work in museums.
Abigail staff pictureAbigail Jantz, (CHEM 211)
Abigail is a Junior studying Biochemistry on a pre-med track. She plans to apply to Med schools after she graduates with the end goal of becoming a Pediatrician!
Mary pictureMary Aruskevicius, (BIOL 211)
Mary is getting her degree in French and Finance. When she is not helping students or studying, she enjoys exploring local coffee shops, spending time with family, and dancing.
Momin pictureMomin Khan, (PHYS 213)
Momin is getting his major in Mechanical Engineering and Physics. He aspires to be an astrophysicist. Momin also likes playing video games.

SI Leaders

Adit Shah SI PictureAdit Shah, (CHEM 212)
Adit was born in Tanzania, brought up in India and is currently majoring in Aerospace Engineering in the US. He loves to help students, especially in chemistry. He likes cooking and swimming in his free time. And he loves Mexican food more than his home country food.
Ali Si pictureAli Ali, (BIOL 211)
Ali is getting his degree in Biology. He works as a scribe for Via Christi and he likes helping people
Kayla Tandy SI PictureKayla Tandy, (BIOL 223)
Kayla is originally from Seattle. She loves academics and hopes to join the Nursing Program at WSU this fall. Some of her favorite pastimes include exploring new coffee shops, goings for long runs and attending yoga classes.
Matt SI PictureMatt Miller, (CHEM 211)
Matt is studying Secondary Education and Chemistry. In his free time he likes to read, bake, cook, and enjoy nature. He hopes to see you in a session!
Michelle Stoltz SI PictureMichelle Stoltz, (BIOL 106)
Michelle is an Anthropology major and English minor. Her area of focus is biological and forensic anthropology. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children and teaching piano and drums.
Nissal SI pictureNissal D.A. Nanomi Arachchige, (MATH 011)
Nissal's home country is Sri Lanka. He is a Senior at WSU. Nissal loves working on cars and solving math problems for days (Trigonometry).
Patoul SI PicturePatoul Halimeh, (CHEM 212)
Patoul is a junior and has applied to the program of Dental Hygiene. She is the Event Coordinator of Muslimahs 4 Change.
Sailesh Rajanala SI PictureSailesh Rajanala, (CS 211)
Sailesh is a teacher, innovator, mathematician and gamer. He is the founder of CS211 SI Online and loves coding. He's passionate about thinking differently, Apple and Math.
Samantha Nettles, (HS 290)
Sarah B SI PIctureSarah Brennan, (MATH 242)
Sarah is a Secondary Math Education major. She loves math and wants to teach at a high school. Sarah is also the Vice President of Standards for Kappa Kappa Gamma. Her favorite color is blue and she loves learning.
Taylor G SI PictureTaylor Greenhaw, (HS 290)
Taylor is from Tahlequah, OK. He loves doing activities outside and his favorite sport is soccer. Taylor enjoys studying anything related to the health care field and is studying to become a Physicians Assistant.
Trey SI PictureTrey Tomlinson, (CHEM 211)
Trey is a senior studying biomedicine. He is very passionate about biology and chemistry. However, his true passion lies with helping animals. Trey's future career goal is to then become a veterinarian.