FAQs for Students

Who can attend SI sessions?

Everyone enrolled in the class section may attend the SI sessions. If your class has SI, the SI leader will communicate with the class via email and in person once the semester has started.

Will I get answers/inside information at SI sessions?

You will undoubtedly benefit from attending SI but there will be no answers provided for upcoming exams. There may be worksheets to review for the exams that will be similar, however, they will not be the same. It is important to actively participate during sessions. 

Does SI cost anything to attend?

No, SI is a free resource for students.

Is SI mandatory to attend?

Si is not mandatory to attend but it is highly recommended. Our statistics show that the student who attend 6 or more sessions usually earn a higher grade than students that do not attend; often half to a whole letter grade higher.

Do I get a grade for attending SI?

No, our program is a supplement to the class but not a replacement.

How long are SI sessions?

SI sessions are typically one hour and are held three times a week. If you need to leave early or come late, make sure you communicate with your SI leader to ensure you receive all the materials.

When/where are sessions held?

Session schedules are released at the end of the first week of classes, but no later than week two. SI leaders email the students a survey to help them schedule their sessions around the time that are most convenient for the students enrolled in the class.

Can I come at any point during the session?

Yes, you can also leave at any point. You are not required to be at a session.

What courses have SI for them?

Classes that are historically difficult have SI. That is, classes with high enrollment and high drop, fail and withdrawal rates. To find out which classes have SI please visit wichita.edu/sicourses.

FAQs for Potential SI Leaders 

How can I became a SI leader? 

By applying online at wichita.edu/siapply.

Do SI leaders get paid?

Yes, it is a job with quite a bit of responsibility. SI leaders are paid $10/hr.

How many hours a week do SI leaders work?

Between 8 to 10 hours a week.

What are the requirements to becoming an SI leader?

  • Current enrollment at WSU
  • Successful completion of the courses in which you are applying to be the SI leader
  • Academic and judicial good standing with the University 
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work with a diverse group of people
  • Ability to provide guidance, support and motivation for others
  • Perform in an ethical and professional manner
  • Must have an interest in helping students succeed academically at WSU
  • Ability to enroll in and successfully complete training
    • The two day training is held Thursday and Friday before the first day of classes. All leaders are required to attend the entire training.

What will my obligations be as an SI leader?

  • Attend EVERY class meeting and every scheduled review session, acting as a model student at all times
  • Help students learn appropriate study skills and strategies for college
  • Conduct three weekly review sessions employing collaborative learning strategies
  • Hold two office hours each week in the SLC
  • Create necessary materials for publicity of sessions and session activities
  • Regularly meet with Sr. SI Leader and your professor
  • Complete session planning sheets and upload to Blackboard weekly
  • Follow session sign-in process to track attendance throughout the semester
  • Participate in all necessary paperwork
  • Act as a referral agent if necessary

FAQs for Faculty

What is the SI leader's role in my class?

The SI leader is required to attend all scheduled class times. During class, the SI leader exemplifies a model student, arriving on time, taking appropriate notes and listening attentively. SI leaders will not be responsible for grading student work or covering class for an instructor or handing out any tests. These are responsibilities that should be reserved for graduate students or teaching assistants within the department. 

How will student know about SI?

Their SI leader will email students the Friday before classes begin to introduce themselves and ask them to complete an electronic survey that will help them schedule their study sessions. The SI leader will introduce themselves in person during the first or second class session and remind students to complete the survey so they can accommodate the most number of students. By the second week of classes the SI leader will email students with their session and office hour schedule and remind students weekly through Blackboard announcements and emails. The instructor can suggest SI as an excellent resource for students who want to strength their understanding of course material and learn study strategies to use in other courses and throughout their academic career. 

How often are SI session held?

SI sessions are held three to four times a week, with each session lasting approximately one hour. SI leaders also hold 2 office hours where students may stop by and ask questions. 

Can I find out which students are attending SI sessions?

Attendance at SI is voluntary and confidential. Of course, students may choose to tell you that they are attending SI.  

Can I observe an SI session?

Faculty observations of SI sessions are discouraged. We have found that when faculty members observe SI sessions, the tone of the entire session changes. Students don’t ask questions, the SI leader feels nervous, and focus is on the instructor rather than the SI Leader.  Faculty are instead encouraged to keep open dialogue with the SI Leader regarding SI sessions, including students’ questions and areas of confusion.  If an instructor wants to view SI first-hand, we do allow them to sit in on an SI session for a different course or section.

Can I request SI for my courses?

The decision to offer SI in a course depends on several factors, including class size, typical student performance, and budgetary restraints. Requests for SI sessions should be made the semester prior to ensure adequate time to locate, hire, and train qualified SI Leaders. Faculty members may request SI and recommend students they think would be effective SI Leaders for the course by contacting the Assistant Director of Academic Success Programs, Heidi Rodrick, at 316-978-3298 or Heidi.rodrick@wichita.edu.