fb Diversity, Human Resources and Professional Development Task Force
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Recommendations and Meeting Minutes

Summary of Recommendations

The Diversity, Human Resources and Professional Development Task Force recommended the following:

  1. Creation of a new division: Workforce Diversity, Human Resources and Professional Development.
  2. A divisional budget fully funded.
  3. Vice President hired to develop strategic direction and provide operational leadership.
  4. Formalize a WSU definition of diversity.
  5. Develop a strategic, comprehensive diversity recruitment and retention plan– By college with applicable metrics.
  6. Implicit bias training – For all employees and search committee members.
  7. Recruiting reps to assist colleges on all aspects of the recruitment, selection and onboarding process.
  8. WSU to prioritize diversity hires.
  9. Recommend a salary and equity study (specific to gender and race) market-based pay transition completed.
  10. Develop and provide executive development opportunities, e.g.- leadership academy.
  11. Operationalize recommendations from the university campus climate survey.
  12. Align decision-making with university leadership priorities and strategic plan.
  13. Communicate academic units’ policies and expectations clearly.
  14. Create opportunities for faculty to participate in academic unit governance.
  15. Increase support for President’s Diversity Council and other inclusive excellence initiatives.
  16. Establish and promote mentoring for faculty/staff.
  17. Connect faculty/staff to campus and community resources within and outside the academic unit.
  18. Facilitate networking opportunities for faculty/staff.
  19. Consider leaves and other policies on an individual basis to best meet faculty needs.
  20. Establish ongoing assessment for success of program.