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WSU Bids Awarded

Reference Number Description Award Vendor Award Amount
Award Date
B0001574 WSU Chiller Maintenance & Bearing Replacement P1 Group $28,559.00 01/08/19
B0001579 Gaming Computers Cybertron International $13,356.00 01/14/19
B0001581 Stainless Steel Square Plates Metals USA $21,900.00 02/01/19
B0001580 Aetna Gym Wood Floor Replacement Dondlinger & Sons $311,000.00 02/27/19
B0001587 Tracker and Large Stands & Fixture Assemblies Arrow Innovative Services LLC $33,270.00 04/08/19
B0001594 Miller Cylinders Hyspeco Inc. $40,981.10 04/25/19
B0001591 Self-Propelled Articulating Boom Foley Equipment $66,835.00 05/02/19
B0001595 Dual Column Miter Band Saw Galdwin Machinery $36,561.30 05/13/19
B0001596 Aluminum Channels and Beams EMJ Metals $16,691.04 05/02/19
B0001603 MiR Robot Hartfiel Automation Inc $106,295.00 06/21/19
B0001604 Aluminum Plate AMI Metals Inc $26,895.00 06/21/19
B0001606 Compensation Market Survey Software Payfactors Group LLC $29,750.00 11/04/19
B0001608 Bus Charter to Chicago, IL Overland Charters $6,835.00 07/12/19
B0001613 UR10e for Education HTE Technologies $116,929.16 07/17/19
B0001616 Aluminum Ryerson $17,109.36 08/01/19
B0001619 NIAR Pickup Truck Lease Acme Auto Leasing LLC $21,420.00


B0001621 Certified QuickBooks Training Denning Bookkeeping Solutions Open Ended 10/16/19
B0001622 Lowe Auditorium Stage Curtains Theatrical Services, Inc. $12,935.00 10/01/19
B0001623 Double Length Glove Box System LD Technology Solutions $27,147.00 09/03/19
B0001624 Prepreg Tape Slitting & Rewinding System Composite Automation $741,718.00 11/25/19
B0001626 Outdoor Walk In Freezer AAA Restaurant Supply $21,550.00 10/04/19
B0001627 Universal Robot with Components HTE Technologies $36,180.00 09/17/19
B0001632 Recording Studio Equipment Vintage King Audio Inc. $41,487.47 11/01/19
B0001629 Argon Plasma System Surfx Technologies LLC $160,250.00 11/19/19
B0001630 Forklift Lift Solutions, Inc.


B0001633 MiR 100 Robot Accessories Hartfiel Automation Inc.


Lots 1 and 2

B0001636 NCAT Clean Room Conco, Inc.


B0001637 Poly Stock Tanks Barn World LLC


B0001640 MiR Robots Hartfiel Automation