Trainings Opportunities

Listed below are possible training opportunities depending on the type of access or responsiblities.

Student Information

Employees requiring access to Banner student information, are required to complete training prior to access.

Courseleaf CIM/ CAT

Any faculty, staff and administrators involved in the curriculm change process, submitting and approving curriculm change forms, etc are encouraged to attend training.

    • Banner Finance Self Service and Reporting Services
      This hands-on training session is designed to guide budget officers, review officers, PIs and support personnel through the various forms and reports in Self Service Finance Budget Queries and Microsoft Reporting Services.
    • TM1 Budget System- for Budget officers only offered in May
      Budget Officers and Budget Review Officers are invited to attend this informational and hands-on training session. New fiscal year budget information will be distributed and the budget system, TM1, will be reviewed.
Purchase Requisition

If you responsibilities will include enterining Purchase Requisitions into Banner, you will need to take purchase requisition training before access can be granted.

Topics will include:

  • WSU purchasing procedures
  • Banner 9 Purchase Requisition forms
  • Purchasing and Finance Reporting

Trainings are posted in myTraining

Hiring ePaf & People Admin

If you will be hirining faculty, staff, students for your department trainings are posted in myTraining.

  • For hiring benefits eligible employees- start with people Admin
  • For hiring non benefits eligible employees (student assistants, lecturers, and temporary employees)- ePaf (Electronic Personnel Action Form) training is required.
Time Entry

This session demonstrates how to use Web Time Entry.    Topics include: Web Time Entry & Approval / Proxy Approval process

Features covered include:

  • Entering various earn codes, including leave codes, comp time, and paid overtime
  • How to submit time
  • How to recall time
  • How to Approve Time & set up a Proxy Approver
Microsoft Office
Hands on training sessions available for faculty and staff on Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive. Visit our Microsoft Office page for more information.
Chrome River

Chrome River is WSU's comprehensive Travel and Expense Management system.  

This session introduces the user to creating, managing and tracking travel pre-approvals, expense reimbursements and Pcard reconciliation reports.  We will also discuss how to send receipts to your Chrome River profile, assign a delegate, and how to access the Chrome River inquiry reports.

If you have any involvement with travel authorizations, travel reimbursements, or Pcards (including but not limited to travelers, approvers, delegates, reconcilers, etc.), this session is for you.

Your Position Reccommended Training
Advisors Banner Student Records, Advisor Profile, WSU Reporting, Time Entry, Microsoft Office
Administrative Personnel Banner Student Records, Schedule Building, Time Entry, Finance, ePaf, Chrome River, People Admin, Purchasing, Microsoft Office
Budget Officers Finance, TM1 Budget, Chrome River, ePaf Approver, Microsoft Office
Department Chairs Banner Student Records, Advisor Profile, WSU Reporting, Time Entry, Chrome River, People Admin, ePaf Approver, Finance, Microsoft Office


Leave Reporting, Chrome River, Microsoft Office

Student Employee

Banner Navigation, Banner Student Records, Time Entry

Physical Plant/Support Staff