SGA Semester Events

Throughout the fall and spring semesters the Student Government Association hosts a variety of events. A few of the events are listed here:

  • Coffee with Cops
  • Safety Walks
  • SGA Open House

Events at Charles Koch Arena

Each year, SGA is contracted to host three rent-free events at the Charles Koch Arena. Those Recognized Student Organizations and University departments who wish to program at this venue may apply to be selected for one of those three slots. One of SGA’s primary charges is to enhance the educational, social, and cultural experiences of the members of the Association. Events approved by Student Government Association should adhere to this mission. The application can be found here.

 Application Requirements:

  1.  Application must be submitted within 30 days of the event.
  2. Must submit itinerary for the event.
  3. Must submit budget for the event
  4. Proposed date and time