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PROUD Shocker
Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM)

WSU Service Standards

Wichita State desires to create a strong community wherein all who serve and are served by the university have an exceptional experience. The University has adopted Service Standards, known as Shocker PROUD, which identify common things we can all do to create a welcoming environment and promote WSU.

University constituents, through a campus-wide input process, identified standards that are not only student focused, but imbue a welcoming environment and one we would all be proud to be part of. Shocker PROUD reminds all of us to be Professional, Responsive, Open, Understanding and Dependable with everyone within our community.

We all need to positively promote WSU and do our part to ensure that everyone has an excellent experience at WSU. This initiative is tied to the University’s strategic enrollment plan, goal 1: Develop activities that foster a culture of enrollment growth among faculty, staff and students.

The service standards have been implemented as a competency into the UP/USS annual performance evaluation.  Training is available to provide guidance on incorporating these service standards into our everyday work life.


We are Shocker PROUD