Setting up your faculty/staff Exchange account on a phone or tablet

Setting up your exchange account on your smartphone/tablet is simple. Exact instructions vary by device, but a few key pieces of information should be able to guide you through the screens.

Most devices add email accounts through the Settings menu. On Android devices there is an "Accounts and Sync" or "Accounts" section where you can add email accounts. On iPhones and iPads, you add email contacts into "Passwords & Accounts". On older devices it will be under "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars". 

Our email type is Microsoft Exchange. Some devices will show this as Exchange ActiveSync, or Corporate instead.

At this point the menus are different depending on the version of software running on your phone. The following information should get you through the setup:

If it asks.... Enter ...........

Email address Your myWSU
Password Your email password
Name Your name
Description Whatever you want to name your email account on this device
Username Your myWSU ID

ad\myWSU ID (i.e. ad\x123y456 if your myWSU ID was x123y456)