Documents and Reports 2020-2021

Memorandum of Understanding between WSU and KU - Draft  (8/24/20) 

General Education Committee Review of Student Learning Outcomes, AY 2019-2020  (8/24/20)

Voluntary Separation Incentive Program  (9/14/20)

Academic Integrity Cases - 2018-2019 Summary  (9/14/20)

Academic Integrity Cases - 2019-2020 Summary  (9/14/20)

Freedom of Expression  (9/14/20)

Mid-Term Grade Elimination Proposal (9/28/20)

Inclusive Excellence Working Group (9/28/20) 

Statement to the Senate on President Golden Resignation (9/28/20)

Leave Accruals for Except Employees while in Leave Without Pay SBAR (10/12/20)

Resolution Statements from Jay Price (10/12/20)

Proposed Resolution Language from Chase Billingham (10/21/20)

Statement on Allegations of Misconduct in Athletics from Chase Billingham (10/26/20)